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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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 I am trying to test out programming the PSoC5LP dev kit using SWD over the 5 pin interface using the MiniProg3 kit. The PSoC Dev kit board has a 10 pin header for debug and programming, I have been trying to wire up an interface that will allow the programmers 5 pin female molex conector to connect via ribbon cable to the 10 pin port on the dev kit, but my last attempt didn't quite cut the mustard in build quality.


I have been able to sucessfully program a board using the 10 pin interface, but for my use, it's very important to reduce pin count and board size so in application we must use the 5 pin interface, and before we roll out our own boards, I do want to have tested this functionality.


Does anyone have any sugestions for what I am trying to test out,  perhaps someone has already done this, probaly a much easier way than what I have been doing ?





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PSoC 4 and 5 do not differ much in programming algorithm. So have a look into the schematics of the CY8C49-42xx Prototype board since this can be programmed (I do that frequently) with the 5-pin interface of the MiniProg3.





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Schmartboard has a psoc5 board with a 5 pin SWD. Files are on their website.


It would probably be nice if you bought one.

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 I will take a look at both of those. Something I have been wondering is that since the MiniProg3 5 pin interface does not have a line for the SWV pin, what limiations does this pose? I understand that I can't do things like serial debug printf, but does it limit the normal debugging experince such as break points and stepping through the code?