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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

New Contributor II

Hi everyone,


I'm working with a CY8C5888LTI-LP097  (PSOC5LP).


I'm want to program it with JTAG so I connected the 10 pins as my attachment. I use the [1.2] (pin13) XRES instead of  pin10 but I can connect it with a strap if needed.


Now my problem is that when I connected JTAG from miniprog 3 with the parameters in attachment when I try to upload the program, the target doesn't appear, I have to clic on Port Acquire, and after 30second, it appears with a second target where it is write :"(Test Controller)" as you can see on attachment. And finally i can program the PSOC.




Why my target doesn't appear directly?!? 


I tryed to enable the "Use Optional XRES" but its doesn't work better...


Should I use PullUp on Xres or Not?


When I try to program it with SWD( 10pin) the target is directly find but the programming doesn't work.






Thank you very much, I read lot of topic and subjects and I still confuse about using XRES...

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Esteemed Contributor

Have you seen this -





Also followed the recommendations for bypassing in the datasheet ?




Regards, Dana.

New Contributor II

Well, yes I did.


I connected each capacitance and JTAG close to the µC, the VCCD is connected with a short trace...
The only difference with the example and my schematic is that they put 1µF on Vddd and Vdda, It can be the problem?




Thank you