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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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Anybody know how to go to a bookmark in PSoC Creator?  Have the ability to place bookmarks in files but can't seem to find a "go to next book mark" function.

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Looks like find for bookmarks not yet implemented -





But then in help, index, search for bookmark -




To Open the Document Manager:




Select Document Manager from the PSoC Creator     Help menu. An item is also available from the Windows Start menu.








Navigation and Find Commands




The Document Manager provides a few commands to help navigate and locate documents, including:



  • Back and Forward – These commands allow you to go back and forward to other documents you've opened in the same tab.

  • Bookmark (Ctrl + D) – Adds a link to the active document under the Bookmarks tab.

  • Find in Contents – Highlights the active document in the Contents tab.

  • New Tab – Adds a new document tab to the viewing area. Use this if you want to open documents in separate tabs at the same time instead opening different documents in the same tab.

  • Find – Opens a new Search tab with links to the document that contain the find keyword.




Navigation Area




The navigation area contains several tabs, including:



  • Contents – Documents list in a tree view from which to select.

  • Bookmarks – Links to documents marked as bookmarks.

  • History – Shows links to all documents viewed in the past.




Display Area




The display area is where the various documents are shown. Documents can be in a single tab or multiple tabs.




To Find a Document:




Enter a keyword in the Find... box and click the Find button (or press [Enter]).




A Search tab opens with categories of documents that contain the keyword.




Note The Search tab only returns documents that are installed on your computer. It does not search documents online.




Click on a document category to see links and descriptions of the documents in that category.




Click on a link to open the document in the display area.




To Use the Contents Tab:




The Contents tab shows various categories of documents in a tree format. Expand a category by clicking the + icon.




Click on a document to open it in the display area. If you click another document, it will replace the existing document in the display area.




To open a document in a separate tab:




Click the New Tab command, and then select the additional document to display.




To Use the Bookmarks Tab:




The Bookmarks tab contains various links to documents that you create.




To add a bookmark:




Click the Bookmark command or press [Ctrl] + [D].




To view the bookmarked document:




Click the Bookmarks tab to display the links, and click the link for the document to display.




To delete a bookmark:




Right-click on a bookmark link and select Delete Bookmark.




To Use the History Tab:




The History tab displays a list of links for the documents that you have opened in the past. The most recent document is always on top.




To filter the history:




This tab provides a pull-down menu so you can limit the history shown: last 48 hours, last 7 days, or last 30 days.




To clear the history:




Click the Clear History button at the bottom of the tab.




Regards, Dana.