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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1


I am designing the universal data-logger. Succeeded in rtd,tc,4-20ma etc. I was planning to make use of internal psoc resources. I need to use one anloag mux to scan the channels and output of this analog mux should be given to Hw_analog mux (configured as hw analog demux i.,e as per datasheet). But creator gives error that net of mux should be connected to pins . I know that mux needs to be connected to pins only . But Is there any method to interconnect these components internally of psoc analog section.

Please guide for the same as if this succeeds then my hardware cost of using external analog mux-- demux will reduce .

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Expert II

You may use the non-hardware analog mux component (v 1.80) which allows for free routing.



Thanks bob,

But please can you guide and elaborate . I have attached the image above. I need to acheive exaclty the same in the image. I tried my level best by making use of all analog mux. Only virtual analog mux dosent give any error. but how to make the virtual mux work. no code examples nothing more info except datasheet which provides less knowledege. please can you proove your answer with design