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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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In our latest PSoC Creator 2.0 releaes (please see details here), we enabled "CapSense Validation Process" in the CSD component.


The validation mechanism determines whether the board has been sufficiently tuned. This real time validation process allows you to:


1. Verify if the SNR, and give suggestions that if the SNR is is less than the sufficien value, meet sufficient value or optimal values.


2. Identify Cross Talk: During the validation process, the software monitors all elements other than the one you have been told to stimulate. If an element exhibits difference counts that exceed the Crosstalk Threshold Percentage (when not directly stimulated), a crosstalk warning is generated.


3. Export Validation Report: If the validation process uncovers failures, a Validation Report will be displayed. This report
contains the following information:

  • Any SNR values less than the Optimal Value
  • Any SNR values less than Sufficient Value
  • Any signals with a worst-case crosstalk failure, and, if so, the crosstalk number
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