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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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While looking for some newer 80Mhz PSoC5LP units I have become confused by the 5287 and 5288 models.


CY8C5287 says 256K/64K Flash/RAM on the datasheet, one the store inventory, on the device selector in Creator 3.1SP3.


CY8C5288 says the same.


According to the magic decoder ring:


CY8C52xy  is family


x = 6 for 64Mhz, 8 for 80Mhz


y = 7 for 128K/32K, 8 for 256K/64K


The CY8C5287 doesn't appear to match the magic decoder ring.


The CY8C5287 is AXI and the CY8C5288 is LTI. Perhaps CY8C5287 should ALSO be CY8C5288AXI?


Comments Cypress employees in the know?



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You might consider filing a CASE on this. And post


back to this thread results.








To create a technical or issue case at Cypress -





“Technical Support”


“Create a Case”




You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




Regards, Dana.

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never saw any posts from Cypress so i opened a case about a week ago.




just heard back that "yes, it's a goof but we have to live with it ..."




they have the chip in production and in use by people so changing the part # would be problematic. so they will modify the datasheet to show the exception and declare that the magic decoder ring has exceptions (CY8C5287).