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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

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        I'm trying to make CY7C60445 and CYRF8935 communicate via SPI communication. I followed the example codes from the datasheet, and it goes like this: (see attached txt) The problem is, it does not transmit any data, nor does it receive any data. All the received data were found out to be zero. That's because the status flags are all wrong. SPIM_1_SPIM_SPI_COMPLETE, SPIM_1_SPIM_TX_BUFFER_EMPTY, SPIM_1_SPIM_RX_BUFFER_FULL These 3 flags are always high. Before SPIM_Start, during SendTxData, or after whatever. Throughout the whole process the RX buffer is always full, Tx buffer is always empty and SPI communication is always complete. What's this embarrassment? Has anyone experienced any similar problems? What am I doing wrong? Many thanks! JS.   
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