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dual USB components on MAC OS

We have made a product with a PSoC5LP.
The PSoC5LP displays 2 interfaces after the USB enumeration phase.
1) a basic USB component
2) a CDC (a USB to serial COM)

view provided by PSoC Creator:



- The product is well detected under Windows OS:



- The product is well detected on a Rapsberry. I use the following shell commands to install it:



We can open/write/read/close the new serial easily with basic program.

- The product is "seen" by on MAC OS. The device appear into the list of USB device. However, the device isn't detected like a CDC or serial com port. I'm looking for a similar commands found for raspberry to indicate/force that my product is a CDC.
It seems that kextutil/ kextload/ ... might be the right solution.
Have you encountered a similar problem on your side? How did you install the CDC on the MAC for a custom product?
Because, on a kitprog, the virtual COM port is well detected.




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Hi @RoBO_1287886 ,

Can you please help us with your inputs regarding below queries-

1. Can you please share the descriptor for the USB configuration in your application? Also, since you mentioned "A basic USB component" , can you please let us know if this is configured as classless, or for Kit-Prog USB or has no end points? Can you please explain this?

2. How is the basic USB component being displayed, after enumeration under device manager for both Windows and MAC OS?

3. " - The product is "seen" by on MAC OS. However I did not find a similar commands as for raspberry to indicate that my product is a CDC." Can you please be more elaborate on this so that we can help you with the issue?

Please let us know your comments.

Best Regards,