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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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While trying to create the HID Keyboard example in AN58726 I encountered a few problems:

1.  Figure 14.  It would help to have the I/O pin assignments in this figure.  They appear only in the pin-configuration figure later on.

2.  Page 14, section 3.  The project name here does not match the project name used in section 1.

3.  Page 16, section 5.  "...with the addition of an OUT EP.  Change to the schematic window and double click on...

4.  Page 18, Figure 20.  Instead, use the settings listed in Appendix B, page 39 under the heading, "HID Report Descriptor: Keyboard with LEDs."  The report shown in Figure 20 is not correct.

5.  Page 18, text above Figure 20.  Make this step clearer and perhaps in boldface type. "After you complete the Report Descriptor, note the name you assigned this report, "Keyboard with LEDs."  Click on the Device Descriptor tab and then click on the HID Class Descriptor line in the left window.  In the HID Report text box, you must enter the exact same name, "Keyboard with LEDs."  If you do not, you will see an error message.  (The instructions get lost at the top of the figure.  I passed over them at first.)

Some of the above might seem like nit picking, but they can cause problems for newcomers.

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