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I am upgrading a design from using the Cy8C4246AZI to the Cy8C4248LQI-BL573 or BL583.  In my Cy8C4246 design I have an IR receiver module connected to the wakeup pin P0.7.  Internally this pin is configured as an interrupt (IR_Input) and connected to the capture input of a Timer Counter.  The interrupt is derived.




During normal operation, when I receive an interrupt on this pin I start the timer to measure the pulses so that I can decode the IR signal received.  I also have a storage mode for this device where I use Hibernate and the IR signal is used to wakeup from Hibernate.  I maintained the same external hardware but now I am using the Cy8C4248LQI-BL573 and want to also be able to use the -BL583.  I connected the IR input to the wakeup pin P2.2 but I am not able to compile.  I receive routing errors and if I delete the connection from the pin to the Timer Counter capture input it will compile without errors.



I can't attach my project as it is because it is code for my customer.  I am using PSoC Creator 4.3 with PDL 3.1.1.  Both devices are from the PSoC 4 family so why does it work on the 4200M devices and not on the BLE devices?

I do not have BLE active yet.  I am just getting the existing project running and will incorporate BLE later.  We are upgrading the hardware first because we couldn't buy the Cy8C4246.




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Hi @KimS_967071,

This is a known issue please refer to the 'PSoC® Creator™ Analog Router: PSoC 4 BLE Design with Multi-Channel Sequencing SAR ADC (ADC_SAR_SEQ_P...' for more information.

Please, let us know if further clarification is required.

Thank you

Best Regards

Raj Chaudhari

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