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PSoC 4

New Contributor II

 I am having CY8CKIT-042-BLE and want to interface Adafruit Neopixel ring(Data sheet attached below) with it, as per datasheet I need to generate delay of minimum 300 nanoseconds using timer, but timer doesn't give exact delay when used at high frequency(above 1Mhz).


 I also downloaded project created by Mark Hasting for CYBL10563 as well as CY8C4247LQI but it pops me error as "Component 'StripLights' uses component 'cy_clock_v2_10' in its implementation. 'cy_clock_v2_10' has an error: The cy_clock_v2_10 component (StripLights_HFCLK) is not compatible with the selected device. Please check the component datasheet for details on updating to a compatible component."


 Please guide me to overcome above error so that I can use "StripLights" block in my project.


Also I had updated my PSoC creater to version 4.


Please help

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