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I'm trying to do a power budget and decide whether it's safe to write a log to flash when my rechargeable battery is going dead but still has some capacity left.

But I can't find any specs on how much more current it takes to write to flash. I'm using the CYBLE-214015 module (which contains some flavor of CY8C4248, I believe). This has 256K of flash.

Does anyone have a maximum current value for this write operation?


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Welll.. empirical measurement would be your best bet.

Keep in mind that the flash write takes some amount of current over a period of time to write fully, thus a total "charge" used. But, current draw drops voltage, and if the voltage drops too far, then the chip will power off, reset, or behave erratically, thus the effective point at which you can write to flash would be at a higher recharge state than you might think. The flash requires higher CPU speed however, which will draw faster current for sure. At a guess, I would say 25+ mA of current would be drawn when writing the flash, but I am guessing at this point.


The flash cells current during program/erase should be ~10mA. But other blocks requires to be considered in together.