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PSoC 4

New Contributor II

I used the BLE_HID_mouse example and adapted some lines to get the mousewheel data as 4th byte:


#define MOUSE_DATA_LEN              (4u)  //instead of 3


and added:


abMouseData[3u] = bScrollWheel_value; (I tested 120 or -120)




Also in the BLE component HID-profile I changed:


  - "Human interface device"


        - "Boot mouse input report: Boot mouse input report value"  from 3 to 4 bytes  to include the extra wheelvalue byte


        - "Report In: Report value" also from 3 to 4 bytes  to include the wheel byte




No errors, and I even see in cysmart on my PC that the 4th byte is being transmitted and it's received correctly.


But it doesn't seem to scroll, what am I doing wrong, maybe a Bug in version 3.1 SP3 or some characteristics needs to be reported?

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New Contributor II

 Found the solution myself:


- In the BLE-component in reportmap added the "wheel" parameter after the X & Y and below put "report count" on 3 instead of 2


Also important on Android: always go to All aplications and under the Bluetooth App. clean Cache and delete data.