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PSoC 4

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I was using a CY8C4248QI-BL-483 which is EOL. I am switching to a CY8C4248QI-BL-583.

The basis for our application is the BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloader/BLE_OTA_FixedStack_Bootloadable sample.

For the bootloader portion on the new chip, I rebuilt it using the 583 variant.
PSOC Creator insisted on changing the bootloadable to 583 as well.

I can load the bootloader and the newly built bootloadable with success.

But we have many units in the field that are using the 483 chip.

Is there a way to allow the bootloader to load the bootloadable portion from either build?

Or load the 483 bootloader on the 583 chip?

I can then continue to build the 483 version so that the installed base and the new chip can be updated.




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