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Hi all, I recently discovered the Distance2Go L radar as I was looking for an Arduino-compatible FMCW radar so I could get distance information. Is it... Show More
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Hi everyone, I am working with BGT60TR13C demo kit. I'm confusing and I've tried looking in the documentation provided with it, but there's no clear a... Show More
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I have recently been messing around with some SCR's. I am aware that once you activate the SCR's gate the SCR will start conducting and remain conduct... Show More
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Hello, I have a query regarding the Infineon Position2Go 24GHz Radar kit. The query is as follows: When raw data is acquired through Radar GUI and MAT... Show More
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Hi everyone, I am working with Radar Demo Kit (bgt60tr13c). I followed the instructions to use the Infineon toolbox (latest version). However, when I ... Show More
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Dear Community, First, sorry for the wrong forum assignment, but I didn't find the suiting forum. We are accessing a DSP310 pressure sensor via SPI in... Show More
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zel durum bir çağırma hedefi tarafından oluşturuldu. ( konum: System.RuntimeTypeHandle.CreateInstance(RuntimeType type, Boolean publicOnly, Boolean no... Show More
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I'm looking for a replacement for the AD9837.

Could you recommend a product?

Thanks and Regards.

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Hello,I have loaded the sketch "bldc_shield_blinky_test" and it looks like the shield cannot be found. I have tried two different Arduino Unos as well... Show More