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in document <Out of Shaft with magnetic 3D sensor>:Out of shaft 

"The sensor outputs the magnitude of magnetic field.But the corresponding maximum and zero-crossing points of the SIN and COS signals do not occur at the precise distance of 90°. The difference between X and Y phases is called the orthogonality error.

There is another more accurate way to determine the orthogonality error. The orthogonality can be calculated
out of the magnitude of two 90° angle shifted components. Possible angle combinations are 45° and 135°, 135°
and 225°, 225° and 315° or 315° and 45°."


Does "two 90° angle shifted components" mean any angles that has a 90° angle shift?

if not,only the "Possible angle combinations" makes sense,45° and 135° for example,how can I determine the 45° and 135° of a magnet?

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