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Non Volatile RAM (F-RAM & NVSRAM)

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Hi everyone..




 I am trying to interface the cypress NVSRAM cy14b101L with an 8051 micro controller. Before I was using HY62256 SRAM  and now I am trying to use the above said NVSRAM. The SRAM comes witha PCB in which the 32 pins were brought out as a PDIP package and it also consists of Vcap capacitor and two more IC's in it. I was told that  By using the NVSRAM along with the PCB it can be simply replaced by the normal SRAM in the circuit. I have followed the steps below to interface the NVSRAM.


1. Adress lines of the NVS RAM were connected to the 8051 adress lines.Two address lines A15,A16 were left floating.


2. HSB left floating.


3. Vcap left floating as already present in the PCB.


4.A15 of the controller connected to CE of the NVS RAM


5. Remaining datalines are connected as it is accordingly to the pin numbers.


Now the problem is the circuit is behaving as such there is no NVSRAM itself. Any body have any idea where I maybe going wrong.  Or any modifications in the circuit or program that has to be done. Please help me...

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A small correction . The nvSRAM comes with a PCB not the SRAM.