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Motor Control ICs Forum Discussions

Motor Control ICs
Hello. I am new to Infineon and per initial information there is Motor Control Engine associated with motor control products - so I am loking for more... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hello, I'm working with EVAL-M3-102T board in combination with the EVAL-M3-IM564 to get familiar with the motor control software. In our final applica... Show More
Motor Control ICs
I want to one of IRS21271STRPBF & IRS10752LPBF to control a nmos in high side to drive a motor of 30V/3A. while the VDD for these IC being 12V and inp... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi there, I am in the process of building a small DC motor driver board based on the IFX007T. The data sheet [1] shows in Figure 16 (application circu... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hello, We would like to know what causes or what does it mean to get an “Execution Time Fault” in the Fault Status Register in the Read Register Group... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi, I'm trying to perform a self-test of Gain_CSA to check if the  configured gain setting is correct, but there are some problem: 1.  If I set bit sh... Show More
Motor Control ICs
I am using IMC101T-T038 for fan application , when using the uart control method and running the motor from MCEdesigner the speed does not fluctuate .... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi I m using TLE9879 Arduino shield and I am running simple single motor run program and the motor is running perfect but when I check I see MISO and ... Show More
Motor Control ICs
As I understand it my 1~3 are configured with tpchg, tpdchg and Ichg and tdon, tdoff If modifying Ichg is able to change Trise's time The question th... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi,   Can anyone please help to advise the datecode for this part?    as the label of this part cannot be found at the moment.    is it the lot code (... Show More
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Motor Control ICs

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