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Rolf RoNo_264271 is another PSoC advanced user.  He created a great start to a program that converts PSoC Creator TopDesigns with UDBs for use with ModusToolbox (MTB).  How do I create a custom UDB solution in the Modus toolbox?  This program defines the Digital routing for the UDBs as a function UDBInit().

It works very well.  I've successfully tried it with a few Creator projects that I imported/converted to MTB.  It is primarily limited to initializing the UDB configuration in main().

I enhanced it to include TopDesign components from the original project.  To do this I had to make some modifications listed in the attached word doc.

The biggest issues I'm trying to solve is that the following system resources need to be set identical between the Creator and MTB projects.  These resources are generally initialized at reset before jumping to main().

  • System Clocks.
  • Analog routing.
  • Analog low-level resources (ie Vrefs).
  • Other System Defines?

The Creator uses the .cydwr to feed the "Design Wide Resources" GUI.

MTB uses the BSP's design.modus file to define much (but maybe not all) of the "Design Configurator" GUI.

Many (maybe all) of the parameters exist between both interfaces.

Idea:  Is it practical to create a XML conversion tool to take the Creator .cydwr file and convert it to the BSP's design.modus file?

If I can create a correct MTB design.modus file, a build should be in-sync to the Creator project regarding resources.


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