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Digi-Key - Audio Sampling at 44.1kHz with PSoC 6

Here's another interesting post from Matt Mielke, over at Digi-Key. It's actually two posts and, together, they describe how to set up the PSoC 6 PDM-PCM converter in the ModusToolbox Device Configurator.

The first article takes you through the PDM-PCM configuration process. I like how it breaks everything down into logical steps. It's well worth a read. Go on! Off you go. I'll still be here when you get back.

Oh, you're back already. I thought it was particularly interesting how Matt identifies, and provides a workaround, for an error in the Device Configurator. The PDM-PCM conversion requires a fast, accurate clock source and that comes from the PSoC External Crystal Oscillator (ECO). In ModusToolbox 1.1 the ECO frequency range is erroneously limited to between 4MHz and 33MHz. The error check exists to prevent users from inadvertently trying to generate frequencies that the ECO block cannot handle. Unfortunately, we got the upper limit wrong - it is too conservative. Matt's workaround is great but I wanted to let everyone know that we have already fixed the problem in our upcoming 2.0 release, which sets the upper limit at 35MHz.

Here is a pic of the configurator tool from the 1.1 release, showing the erroneous error check. You won't get that problem in our 2.0 software. Happy sampling!

Setting the ECO input frequency in ModusToolbox Device Configurator

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