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Bluetooth Mesh Workshop Notes Available on

I just spotted that Alan Hawse posted up all the supporting content from the Bluetooth Mesh workshop video he did with Mouser on his site. The video is well worth a watch and the material he just posted is tremendous.

Alan can be sneaky like that. He never tells me that he has posted some really useful stuff on his site. So I don't let people know about it in my blog. He says it has something to do with him being my boss, not the other way around, but I'm not sure I see his point. Anyway, here are the links to the good Bluetooth Mesh knowledge.

0 - introduction

1 - developer resources

2a - building a mesh network using the mesh lighting app

2b - building a mesh network using the mesh client

3 - making a light switch using the example code

4 - integrating the modus toolbox code examples

5 - bluetooth mesh fundamentals

6 - the dimmable light code

7 - modifying the dimmable light code to add another light element

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