Legacy microcontrollers

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Legacy microcontrollers
Hi,  Good day. We are Third party programmer manufacturer. Our customer is asking the programming requirement for Infineon XC161CJ-16F40FBBFXQMA1. Cou... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hi, we develop i2c-usb touchscreen controllers for OEM car screens. Now we have problems to find CP8531AT chip datasheet with registry map, pls help, ... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hello. This is my first time using an ARM MPU having trouble from past 2 weeks trying to figure out why there is higher than normal interrupt latency ... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hi, Im looking for product lifecycle information on these 2 MCUs - CY8C22345 and CY8C22345-24SXIT. Im trying to use any of the 2 mentioned MCUs as a d... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hi, due to bad parts availability our EMS supplier bought some MCUs MB91F467DB with additional package marking A2C02032800 PB 7.00 from brokers. Unfor... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
I am starting to work with  this board but I am confused what software I need to use? Youtube had a video made it simple but it  did not state what I ... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers

I'm not able to download the software for the starter kit. Can anyone help?

Legacy microcontrollers
Dears. We used MB96F6B5R to control segment LCD with internal Seg LCD driver in Automotive HVAC. Sometimes brightness of some LCD Segs are slightly a ... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hello, I hope you can help me.I am trying to located the XC167-SK included disk, I have a later disk for XC2000, but I need the data from the disk for... Show More