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Legacy Microcontrollers
Hi Guys,I am looking for a Motor Control DSP from Infineon with 32 bit FPU support.....please suggest.....I want to switch over from STM32F302 series.... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
Hello. I am an XC2387  user and application is battery management system(BMS). I would like to have a minimum of current consumption(~ uA) by enterin... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
Hi All,Im having the board https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/evaluation-boards/tlv493d-a1b6-ms2go/trying to read data from different MCU's.I dow... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
Hello,I'm trying to develop a firmware to toggle the P7.3 pin from XC2267 after jumping by my own Secondary Bootstrap Loader (ASC)To do this, I am ent... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
Hi All,Maybe someone here has an extra one they can part with. I'm trying to use one of the application examples listed on the Infineon website AP 32... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
HiMy question is how to program the XC2060N-40F80l microcontroller with the DAP miniWiggler programmer.Is it possible to program this IC with this pro... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
Hi Team,I am working on TC397 for my current project. I need to use tricore-ld for generating elf file.The same source code, when I compile using tric... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
Hey all, Wondering if someone can shed some light on a problem I am having with the tricore compiler. Disassembling a snippet of code in my binary fil... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
I'm having a lot of problems getting SWD to work with PSoC4 BLE (CYBLE-012011-00 module).If I do a reset and a SWJ_SEQUENCE (line reset) and a SWJ_TRA... Show More
Legacy Microcontrollers
Hello InfineonWe are currently working on TC38x controller. Here I would like to know the definition and use case of multiple memories(DSPR, PSPR, dLM... Show More