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WICED Studio: Platform Files for CYBT-423028-EVAL

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WICED Studio: Platform Files for CYBT-423028-EVAL

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Which platform files do you need for the CYBT-423028-EVAL kit in WICED® Studio SDK?


The CYBT-423028-EVAL kit includes a fully integrated and certified Bluetooth® Smart Ready wireless module (CYBT-423028-02). Make the following changes to WICED Studio SDK 6.2 or later to start using the CYBT-423028-EVAL platform files:

1. Navigate to the following path in WICED Studio SDK 6.2 folder path: \WICED-Studio-6.2\20719-B1_Bluetooth\platforms. You must either rename the following files or copy and store them in your personal folder on your computer.

      • 20719_OCF.btp
      • download_error.txt
      • find_com_port_error.txt
      • platform.mk

2. Navigate to the following path in the WICED Studio SDK 6.2 folder:\WICED-Studio-6.2\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED\common.
You must either rename spar_setup.c or copy and store it in your personal folder on your computer.
These backup files will help you to restore WICED SDK 6.2 back to its original state, when there is a need.

3. Download the CYBT_423028_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES.zip folder attached to this knowledge base article.

4. Save and extract the downloaded file on your computer.

5. Navigate to CYBT_423028_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES > WICED SDK 6_2

Note: This example uses WICED Studio SDK 6.2; choose the appropriate version of the WICED SDK folder based on your installation. WICED Studio SDK 6.2 or later are supported for CYBT-423028-EVAL.

6. Copy both the folders, platforms and WICED, and paste them in the following folder: \WICED-Studio-6.2\20719-B1_Bluetooth\

The pop-up windows shown in the following screenshots appear one at a time. Click Yes on each window to confirm merging the folder. Select “Copy and Replace” for the rest of the files as additional pop-up windows appear.


                                   pastedImage_25.png    pastedImage_26.png    pastedImage_27.png

The CYBT_423028_EVAL folder appears under the “platforms” folder in WICED Studio SDK 6.2 along with the updated files as shown in the following screenshot.


A sample make target to build a project in WICED Studio 6.2 for the CYBT-423028 evaluation kit is shown below:
demo.hello_sensor-CYBT_423028_EVAL download

Do the following if you encounter a firmware download failure:

    1. Verify that the USB-UART driver is correctly installed.
    2. Verify that SW4 switches are in ON position (CTS, RTS, RXD, and TXD)
    3. Power-cycle CYBT-423028-EVAL and retry.

If this problem persists, the serial flash on the board may be corrupted. Do the following to reset CYBT-423028-EVAL board to factory default state.

Note: This will erase any user application in the memory and reset the board to the default state.

    1. Press and hold the RECOVER button (SW2).
    2. Press and hold the RESET button (SW1) for 1 second.
    3. Release SW1.
    4. Release SW2.
    5. Re-program CYBT-423028-EVAL.


Author: SanthoshV_71           Version: *B

Translation - Japanese: CYBT-423028-EVAL 用プラットフォームファイル - KBA223637 - Community Translated (JA)