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WICED Module Programmer User Guide

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WICED Module Programmer User Guide

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WICED® Module Programmer is a GUI-based software that help program Infineon Bluetooth WICED modules.


1.    Set up the hardware. See the following articles:

Downloading into the CYBLE-013025-00 module

Programming an EZ-BT WICED Module

2.    Reset the module or set the module in the recovery mode by following the instructions in the table below:





Assert XRES to GND and release.

Pull SDA to GND while resetting and then release the signal.


Assert XRES to GND and release.

Pull SPI2_CS_N to VDD and pull UART_CTS to GND while resetting. Release the two signals afterwards.

CYW20706-based modules

Assert XRES to GND and release.

Pull SPI2_MOSI to GND while resetting and then release the signal.

CYW20719-based modules

Assert XRES to GND and release.

Pull UART_CTS to GND while resetting, and then release the signal.


3.    Install the WICED Module Programmer software by unzipping the software package. No WICED Smart or WICED Studio SDK is needed. There are four files under the folder as shown below:

Figure 1. Files in the Software Package



4.    Run the WICED_MOD_Programmer.exe file. The WICED Module Programmer window appears as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. WICED Module Programmer



5.    Select the module that you want to program in the “module Name” drop-down menu.

6.    Under Serial Port in the Device Information section, click Configure… to set the serial port number of the USB-to-UART adapter that each module is connected to. See Bluetooth Specification version 4.2, Volume 6, Part B, Section 1.3 for more information on BD address.

7.    Under Program Options, select Verification. This will increase the programming time.

8.    Select the Program BD Address to set the BD address. A Base Address is provided by default. Use one of the following methods to generate the BD address.

Figure 3. Generating BD Address


  1. Generate a random BD address. This will be operated bitwise with the selected base address.
  2. Automatically increment the BD address by 1 starting from the base address after programming every time.

9.  Click Program to start programming. The result will be shown in the Result field. Note that “Success” will be shown only if all selected DUTs are programmed successfully.


Author: johnz_76           Version: *A

Translation - Japanese: WICED WICED Module Programmer ユーザーガイド - KBA225060 - Community Translated (JA)

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