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Using CySmart to Test the EZ-Serial BLE Platform’s CYSPP Function – KBA224084


Using CySmart to Test the EZ-Serial BLE Platform’s CYSPP Function – KBA224084

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Translation - Japanese: CySmartを使用したEZ-SerialBLEプラットフォームのCYSPP機能のテスト - KBA224084 - Community Translated (JA)


How can I test the EZ-Serial platform’s CYSPP function?


  1. By default, these modules have the EZ-Serial firmware.  If not, use the PSoC Programmer to download the Ez-Serial hex file into the module.
  2. Connect the module’s UART port to your PC. The UART pin is Rx=P1.4 and Tx=P1.5. The default baud rate is 115200.
  3. Power on the module. After power on, the module prints the UART log as follows:
  4. Launch CySmart, and connect the CY5677 or CY5670 dongle to you PC. See this document to getting started with CySmart. Click Start Scan. The “Ez-Serial XX:XX:XX” will be detected. By default, the module is in BLE Peripheral mode.

  5. Click Connect, and then select Discover All Attributes > Enable All Notifications. This enables CYSPP mode (UART to BLE throughput).

In EZ-Serial’s CYSPP profile’s details, the handle 0x0E is used for acknowledged throughput and 0x0F is the CCCD. The handle 0x011 is used for unacknowledged throughput and 0x12 is the CCCD. The handle 0x14 is used for Rx flow control and the 0x15 is the CCCD.

  1. Send the data in UART terminal, the data will be displayed in CySmart’s 0x0E handler. Send the data in handle 0x0E by using the write command. The data will be displayed in the UART terminal.
  2. Disable all notifications in CySmart or assert the EZ-Serial module’s CYSPP pin (set as HIGH) to exit CYSPP mode.
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