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Tri-stating the IDE bus on the CY4611

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Tri-stating the IDE bus on the CY4611

Question: Can the 8051 tri-state the ATA interface pins on the CY7C68013 Mass Storage application (Reference design CY4611) so that another device can take over the bus?



With the CY4611 v2.30 (and later) firmware that is currently available on the web, the FX2 is able to tri-state its ATA interface pins based upon the level of the WAKEUP# pin. When the WAKEUP# pin is LOW, all of the ATA interface pins are tri-stated. When the WAKEUP# pin is HIGH, the CY4611 resumes normal ATA interface operations. This is similar to the feature available in the ISD-300A1 and EZ-USB AT2. Note, however, that not all ATA interface pins will be tri-stated if WAKEUP# is set LOW during startup. A HIGH-to-LOW transition of WAKEUP# is necessary to tri-state the ATA interface pins.

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