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SN8000 WiFi Module with STM Discovery Board

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SN8000 WiFi Module with STM Discovery Board

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Here is an example of interfacing the BCM43362 based SN8000 WiFi module (from Murata) with STM32F4-Discovery board (with STM32F407 MCU).


The schematic below illustrates the connections required to connect the SN8000 to the STM32F4-Discovery board. Since the SN8000 comes as a module to connect to a PCB, a carrier board is needed to connect the module to the STM32F4-Discovery board.

ScreenHunter_95 Jan. 02 16.15.jpg



If you have the SN8000 module mounted on a SDIO carrier board, which comes with the SN800 evaluation board, the following connection schema can be used to connect the module to the STM32F4-Discovery board.

ScreenHunter_97 Jan. 02 16.19.jpg



For terminal interface between the STM32F4-Discovery board and host PC the following serial (RS232) connection is needed.


To connect a JTAG debugger (Olimex_ARM-USB-TINY-H) to the STM32F4-Discovery board follow the below connection.


For more information please take a look at this link: Interfacing STM32Fx-Discovery with WICED using JTAG Debugger


After setting up the hardware connections WICED SDK-3.x should be updated to run WICED applications on STM32F4-Discovery board with SN8000 WiFi module. Unzip the attached file with the following expected updates.


The STM32F407 directory goes to .../WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F4xx/GCC directory of the WICED SDK.



The STDiscovery407_BCM43362 platform files goes to .../platforms directory of the WICED SDK.

ScreenHunter_104 Jan. 02 22.35.jpg


To build and run application using WICED SDK following Make Target could be used;

     <Application>-STDiscovery407_BCM43362 JTAG=Olimex_ARM-USB-TINY-H download run


To build and run a sample scan app use the following Make Target:

     snip.scan-STDiscovery407_BCM43362-debug JTAG=Olimex_ARM-USB-TINY-H download run