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Replacement for W530-02HT

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Replacement for W530-02HT

Question: What is the replacement for W530-02HT?



There is no direct replacement for the W530, and there are no other spread spectrum clock generators that operate from a 5V supply, or that can produce a 10% spread. 

The recommended replacement for W530-02HT is CY25100SXCF (SOIC Package) or CY25100ZXCF (TSSOP Package) and CY25200FZXC which are RoHS Compliant.  If only center spread is needed, the CY25560 or CY25561 non-programmable devices can also be considered.

The CY25100 and CY25200 are programmed with the tools CyberClocks Online software and CY3672 FTG Programmer. The Socket adapters are mentioned in the respective datasheets in the Ordering Table and also in (.pdf) of our CY3672 Datasheet

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