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Programming cable for CPLD

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Programming cable for CPLD

Question: What is the currently available cable to program Cypress CPLDs?



 The latest programming Cable to program Cypress CPLD is CYUSBISRPC cable. It is the same programming cable called USBISRPC cable which was the part of CY3950i kit. Since the kit is obsolete, customer can order this cable seperately. There is no difference between the two cables. Only the CY4000 board which was the part of the CY3950i is removed. This cable can be used with ISR4.0 software. It supports Ultra37K / Delta39K / CYP15G04K / CYP25G01K / CYS25G01 devices.The details of the CYUSBISRPC cable can be found in the attached document.

The cable can be ordered from any one of our Cypress Distributors or from our website at the link:  <a href="  "> BUY </a>            Enter the part number: "CYUSBISRPC".

Please be noted our entire Cypress CPLD product are Obsolete and not recommended for new design and development. For more information on CPLD product, please visit our webpage:

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