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Problems with Character LCD v1.80 beyond 24 MHz - KBA91001

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Problems with Character LCD v1.80 beyond 24 MHz - KBA91001

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Question: What problem results from operating the v1.80 character LCD beyond 24 MHz? How should you solve it?



The PSoC® 5LP 050 Development Kit uses 10 K resistors in series to accommodate the potential for different voltages between the LCD and the PSoC. The series resistance coupled with circuit capacitance creates an RC time constant that requires additional settling time to meet the “V IH” timing requirements of the LCD display. The 1.80 version of the Character LCD Component does not meet the interface timing requirements above 24 Mhz. The issue can be avoided by using v1.70 of the Component, which meets the signal timing and enables correct operation. The next version of PSoC Creator™ will have this issue solved for the LCD Component. The following steps will guide you through the process of changing back to v1.70 in Creator.

Step 1: With Character LCD v1.80 on the Top Design, click the Projects menu and choose the Update Components option.

Figure 1. Projects Menu

Step 2: A window opens, as shown in Figure 2. In the Available Versions drop-down box of the Character LCD, choose v1.70. Do not forget to check the box pertaining to the Component.

Figure 2. Component Update Tool Window


Step 3: Click Next, confirming your choice to update. The reconfirmation window looks like the one in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Reconfirmation Window


Step 4: Click Finish to switch back to v1.70 of the Component. This will solve the issue that v1.80 has.

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