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LITIX™: How to do fade in/out without MCU

LITIX™: How to do fade in/out without MCU

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Community Translation: LITIX™: MCUなしでフェードイン/フェードアウトの仕方

With LITIX™ Power boost controllers it is possible to implement a delay and fade-in / fade-out functions without using a microcontroller.
This can be done by using filters with different time constant at the SET pin. The SET pin is the analog adjustment input and it is used to control the output current. One of the filters needs to be switchable.
In https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/about-infineon/company/contacts/support/images/timer_fading_without_... this example.
Filter 1 is a low pass filter that enables and disables the output current with a defined delay by closing or opening the MOSFET.
Filter 2 is a low pass filter that enables the fade-in/fade-out function.
See our https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/power/lighting-ics/litix-automotive-led-driver-ic/litix-powe... LITIX™ web pages for more information on our automotive LED drivers