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Introduction to Infineon’s WiFi Regulatory flow

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Introduction to Infineon’s WiFi Regulatory flow

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In this training session/Blog we aim to cover the basic regulatory aspects involved in getting a Wi-Fi product certified and Infineon’s equivalent of this regulatory process that is the process that we expect customers to follow while submitting a request for a per product CLM BLOB.

Disclaimer: This training was attempted to get customers started with the regulatory aspects of a Wi-Fi device. For a detailed understanding of everything that needs to be done, please refer to the CLM Regulatory Manual.

 The discussion flow in the presentation is written below.

  • A brief introduction on why regulatory compliance is needed, references to a few regulatory bodies and Infineon’s way of meeting these compliances through the CLM BLOB
  • An introduction to what CLM is and what all goes into it and how it effects the radio.
  • Regulatory strategies and how they could be employed to get the optimal performance out of the CLM BLOB.
  • The process that we expect customers to follow so that both the CLM BLOB generation can be carried out optimally.
  • The basic tests that customers can carry out once they receive the CLM BLOB from Infineon Technologies to confirm its working.

Attached is the presentation that was used for the discussion as well as the video recording of the same. 
The Video recording has been split up into multiple parts and added into archives as there was a limitation on the file size that could be uploaded at the time of publishing this Blog.