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Import a ModusToolbox Project into uVision v5.30 - KBA230404


Import a ModusToolbox Project into uVision v5.30 - KBA230404

Author: JamesT_21     Version: **

Translation - Japanese: ModusToolboxプロジェクトをuVision v5.30にインポートする - KBA230404 - Community Translated (JA)

How do I import a ModusToolbox project into the µVision IDE v5.30?


In the ModusToolbox 2.1 build system, you execute this command from the command line:

    make uvision5 TOOLCHAIN = ARM

The build system generates a .cpdsc format file. You simply double-click the file and the µVision v5.28 IDE launches and creates a project file.

This no longer works in µVisionv5.30. Arm has removed support for this file format. When you double-click the .cpdsc file, the µVision IDE opens it as a plain text file. No project appears. We are working with Arm to resolve the issue.


There are two ways you can solve this problem.

One option is to remain on µVision v5.28. The file import process works as expected.

The second option is to use µVision v5.28 to create the project, and then open it with µVision v5.30. You must have both µVision v5.28 and µVisionv5.30 installed. Then follow these steps.

1: Launch µVision v5.28.

2: Use File > Open to navigate to and open the .cpdsc file created by ModusToolbox software. This creates the project. When done, there will be a <project-name>.uvprojx file in the ModusToolbox project folder.

3: Quit µVision v5.28.

4: Launch µVision v5.30.

5. Use Project > Open Project and open the .uvprojx file.

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