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How to change VID and PID of the USB-Serial Controller

How to change VID and PID of the USB-Serial Controller

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You can change the default VID and PID of the device by using the Infineon USB Serial Configuration Utility.

You need to change the INF and Catalog file to bind the device with the driver.

Change the INF file


To change the INF file, refer to "Driver Binding for USB-Serial Devices with Custom VID/PID" section of Infineon USB-Serial Configuration Utility User Guide.

Change the Catalog File


Prerequisites to change the Catalog file:

  1.   Windows Driver Kit (WDK 8.0 or WDK 8.1) Note that without WDK you can’t stamp the catalog file for Windows 8.
  2.   Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013

Procedure to change the Catalog file:

  1. Launch WDK 8.0 or WDK 8.1 x86 Build environments. You can find this Build environment in the Visual Studio installation. (For example, you can access the Build environment in Windows 7 by using the following path: Start>All Programs>Microsoft Visual Studio 2012>VS2012 x86 Native Tool Command Prompt)
  2. Change directory in the command window to the place where the drivers along with modified INF files are present.
  3. Run the following command to create the catalog files for the modified INF file
    For 32-bit System:
    Inf2cat /driver:. /OS:8_x86,7_x86, vista_x86, XP_x86,2000
     For 64-bit System:
     Inf2cat /driver:. /OS:8_x64,7_x64, vista_x64, XP_x64,2000
     (Note: There is a dot (.) after “/driver:”)
  4. This command creates the catalog files.
  5. This command works on all INF files present in the given folder. In case, you have more INF files (for example, INF files for other Operating Systems) in a different folder, you must repeat the same procedure in those folders.