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Grounded current sensing using PowerPSoC

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Grounded current sensing using PowerPSoC

Question: Is it possible to implement grounded (Low-Side) current sensing using PowerPSoC?



The PowerPSoC Current Sense Amplifier (CSA) is designed to be a high-side amplifier and needs a minimum common-mode voltage of 7V at the CSP node for operation guaranteed by the datasheet. In a grounded or low-side sensing application, the voltage drops (from HV supply) during operation are likely to cause the common-mode voltage to drop below 7V. An example is a 20V supply driving a string of 5 LEDs (15-18 volts). For this reason, the voltage level at the CSP node of the CSA has to be evaluated for all possible conditions during which the CSA needs to function. The CSA should be used in the application only if it is ensured that the CSP node of the CSA is guaranteed to be above 7V (common-mode) during all modes of operation.

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