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Downloading Firmware without an EEPROM to FX2LP

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Downloading Firmware without an EEPROM to FX2LP

Question: How can I download firmware without using the Cypress EZ-USB control panel if I am not using an EEPROM in a design?




It is not recommended to have such a design. Omitting an EEPROM from a design requires user to run a script file to download firmware to the device when it comes up with our default VID/PID (0x04B4, 0x8613), which is not for use in an end product. If all of our customers used this method, each would be linking their drivers to it, replacing someone else's link. When designing a consumer product it is recommended to use a small EEPROM and put a proprietary VID/PID in it. When the device enumerates with the proprietary VID/PID on the small EEPROM, we can run a script to download the firmware into the device and enumerate it with a new VID/PID and bind it to a custom driver.


Please refer the KB article Firmware Download Using Script for EZ LOADER and the Script method of downloading firmware respectively.

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