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Do you have any bench mark results for the CY3663?

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Do you have any bench mark results for the CY3663?

Question: Do you have any benchmark results for the CY3663? How fast can the CY3663 DVK transfer data?



Performance is a measurement of an overall system and thus is difficult to quantify. For example if a measurement was done hosting two different mass storage devices, the performance can be significantly different between the two devices. There are also dependencies on what is done with the data and bottlenecks that can occur due to an application itself. With the CY3663 DVK, using the StrongArm processor running Linux, we have seen bursts of over 800KB/s reading the data and throwing it away to /dev/null. A more realistic average throughput could be more in the 400-600KB/s range. Since the StrongArm processor was discontinued soon after the CY3663 DVK was released, and your products will not be designed with the StrongArm processor your product performance will also be different. The Linux driver has also been ported to uCLinux by some customers, but without a MMU, performance can be hindered particularly with mass storage devices.

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