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CY7C632XX Parts

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CY7C632XX Parts

Question: What are the CY7C632xx parts?



The CY7C632xx parts are part of of our enCoRe USB Low-speed USB Peripheral Controller family. They are flexible and cost-effective solutions for low-speed and/or PS/2 applications such as mice, gamepads, joysticks and others.

These chips conform to the USB Specification, Version 2.0 and the USB HID Specification, Version 1.1. They support 1 low-speed USB device address and 1 control endpoint and 1 data endpoint. They are an enhancement over our older USB products because it has an internal oscillator which eliminates the need for an external crystal or resonator.

The interface can auto-configure to operate as PS/2 or USB without the need for external components to switch between modes. It has an internal 3.3V regulator for USB pull-up resistor and configurable GPIOs for real-world interface without external components. It has up to 10 versatile General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins, which are individually configurable.

The Internal memory consists of 96 bytes of RAM and 3 Kbytes of EPROM. The CY7C63221A is available in DIE form or 16-pin PDIP package and the CY7C63231 is available in 18-pin SOIC and 18-pin PDIP.

For more information please refer to the following link:
CY7C632xx Datasheet.


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