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CIRRENT™ Product Analytics: Data-driven approach to making connectivity products even better

Imagine you are launching a new product. You have invested a lot of time and money to develop, to test and to promote the product. And then a small vulnerability that was not noticed in the test turns out to be a problem. A solution must be found quickly - sometimes not so easy because necessary data are missing.

Rob Conant, Vice President Software & Eco System at Infineon and founder of CIRRENT™ Product Analytics, which is now part of Infineon as a service, explains,

  • why data is a key lever in the drive to deliver reliable connectivity, security, and ease of use.
  • how the usage of aggregated anonymized data from products in the field gives companies insights into product performance.
  • how customers can be enabled to make better decisions and enhance the connectivity performance of their products.

Listen to this episode of the #MakeIoTwork podcast and learn more about this exciting solution.

For more information about CIRRENTTM Product Analytics please click here.

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About the Author
The potential of the Internet of Things is well known. But how do we actually implement it? How can people and companies benefit from it? In my role as Communications Manager for IoT at Infineon, I meet experts, partners and customers to discuss how it can work and what it takes to make IoT work.