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Session 7: Getting started with BT/BLE in ModusToolbox2.2

Welcome to the Seventh session of the ModusToolbox Training Series!

In this session, we are going to introduce you to the BT/BLE functionalities in ModusToolbox using BTSDK and AnyCloud platforms. The session starts with an introduction to ModusToolbox2.2 and its features. Then we will go through the basics of BTSDK (v2.8) and it's capabilities in designing BT/BLE application. You will get details about using BTSDK 2.8 with MTB2.2 along with a demonstration of a simple BLE peripheral application. Further, you will also learn about AnyCloud1.2 architecture, features and important differences compared with BTSDK. It also includes a demonstration of the AnyCloud BLE application.

Let’s get started!

Duration: 90 mins


The exercises created as part of this training series have been tested to work on the following boards. The exercises might need minor modifications if being used for a different board.

BTSDK supported platform:

AnyCloud Supported platform:


1. MODUSTOOLBOX® Software Environment (v2.2)

  • Introduction to ModusToolbox
  • Architectural and Solution Overview
  • What’s new in ModusToolbox 2.2

2. BTSDK (v2.8)

  • Introduction to BTSDK - Structure and Features
  • BTSDK Libraries, Library Manager tool
  • Bluetooth STACK, Configurations, BT Configurator Tool
  • BTSDK Code examples
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Demo

3. ANYCLOUD SDK (v1.2)

  • Introduction to AnyCloud SDK
  • AnyCloud​ Architecture Overview, Capabilities, Platforms
  • WICED BT/BLE Hosted Stack and BTSTACK in Anycloud
  • Migration guide for BTSDK to AnyCloud SDK to leverage combo or cloud facility​
  • Demo: WiFi onboarding using BLE example


Using the Training Material:

The recording of this training is available on YouTube here.

The presentation and demo videos used in the video are attached to the blog.

The training material and exercises are hosted on Cypress Github: Community-Code-Examples/mtb_training at master · cypresssemiconductorco/Community-Code-Examples · Gi...

You can also refer to the documentation tab in the MODUS toolbox for more details.

Have any Questions?

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