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Session 1: Introduction to ModusToolbox 2.x

ModusToolbox software is a set of multi-platform development tools and libraries that lets you create interesting applications on your favorite Cypress kits. Due to its vastness, understanding all the features and aspects that come with it might be a challenge! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so having a video series, you can only imagine how helpful they will be to accelerate this process and we have done just that.

Introducing the ModusToolbox Training Series!

In the first session, we will have a deep dive into the world of ModusToolbox and understand all the features and capabilities on a high level!

Duration: 90 mins


  • Download ModusToolbox™ 2.1 from here.
  • Follow the steps to install it here.
  • Once installed, follow the steps mentioned in the Getting Started Guide to create your first application.

(OPTIONAL) To understand the training better, take some time to go through the following material:


The exercises created as part of this training series have been tested to work on the following boards. The exercises might need minor modifications if being used for a different board.


  1. Introduction to ModusToolbox 2.0
    1. What is ModusToolbox?
    2. What comes with the installer?
    3. Design Goals
    4. Where is the SDK?
  2. Core Tools
    1. Build Infrastructure
      1. Introduction
      2. Creating a project
      3. Autodiscover and project creation
      4. Libraries, .lib files and make getlibs
  • Library Manager
  • Creating an executable
  • Building code from within the IDE
  • Program and Debug
  1. Configurators and Tools
    1. Introduction
    2. New configurators and tools
    3. Utilities
    4. ModusToolbox IDE
  2. Software Enablement
    1. Introduction
    2. Low-level resources
    3. Peripheral Driver Library (PDL)
    4. Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
    5. Board Support Package (BSP)
    6. PDL, HAL, BSP, what do you use?
    7. Middleware
    8. Code examples
  3. Supported Ecosystems
    1. PSoC6 MCU and Bluetooth SoC Ecosystem
    2. MbedOS Ecosystem
    3. Amazon FreeRTOS Ecosystem
    4. Amazon FreeRTOS Libraries
  4. Resources

Using the Training Material:

The presentation used in the video is attached to the blog. All the materials that will be part of this training series can be found here: ModusToolbox Training Github Repository

This being an introductory session does not have any exercises. In the next session, we will look at the Digital Peripherals in PSoC6 and some cool exercises to crystallize your learnings.

Have any Questions?

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