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Rewards & recognition program in Infineon Developer Community

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Rewards & recognition program in Infineon Developer Community

Infineon Developer Community is your platform to connect with engineers across the globe, help solve technical challenges, and share knowledge with each other. We have introduced a 'Rewards & recognition program' for our community members, to thank for your contributions, and to make it fun and rewarding to participate. 

How can I participate? [Important]

All registered members are eligible for this program, but we can only recognize activities that you do after signing in, and the rewards will be tied to your community profile. So don’t forget to sign in to the community to participate. If you already have a myInfineon account, use the same credentials to sign in to the community as well. You will be asked to set a community username upon first sign-in, so your privacy is respected if you do not wish to publicly share your name next to your contributions. 

How does it work?

We have defined a set of activities in community that you can complete, to progress through the member journey. The more you engage and contribute, the better the rewards will be. Some rewards are outlined below.

Earn community badges: Badges are a great way to show your achievements with other community members, or your peers. Badges are given for activities such as asking or answering questions, giving or receiving likes etc. You can unlock badges for same activity in different set of frequencies (1 question asked, 5 questions asked, etc.) so you keep track of your progress. There are options to share your achieved badges to your personal social media channels as well. To see all badges you have achieved, and the ones yet to be unlocked, please visit your profile page. 


Sample badge: Unlocked upon receiving 50 likes

More badges will be added in the future, and if you have recommendations on new badges you would like to see in community, do let us know! 

Get featured in community leaderboards: If you are a top contributor, you will be featured in leaderboards displayed in community home page, and other community spaces. Currently, we display 'Top solution authors', and 'Most liked authors' for providing most number of accepted solutions, and receiving most likes for the contributions in our community. You can easily see who the top contributors for your favorite products are, with this leaderboard. 

Level up in your community journey: We have defined a new rank structure in community which is based on the volume and relevancy of core community activities you completed, throughout your community journey, and will allow you to level up from Level 0 to Level 10. Higher levels mean you are a top contributor, and is considered an elite status in our community. Below are the criteria for our new rank structure. [For members with bonus points from previous system, we have adjusted the weightage to match current structure with a scale of 1/100]

Activities & weightage points

Ask a question Reply to a question Receive a like Answer marked as accepted 
1 2 5 10


Ranks & corresponding points criteria

Level 0:   0 points. (You will start your community journey here.)
Level 1:   1 point. (Easily achievable by asking a question or replying to one.)
Level 2:   25 points.
Level 3:   50 points.
Level 4:   100 points.
Level 5:   250 points.
Level 6:   1000 points.
Level 7:   2500 points.
Level 8:   5000 points.
Level 9:   10000 points.
Level 10: 20000 points.

More rewards await as you level up: Progressing to higher levels is an indicator that you are an active community champion, and is willing to help fellow members. Those who are identified as champions will enjoy additional privileges in the community. It could be extra community permissions/status, special badges, access to champions-only areas, special spotlight features, or even some amazing Infineon goodies and swags! 😎 Selection to any of the extra benefits or  rewards will be under the sole discretion of Infineon Developer Community team. 

Additional information on the program

  • Existing members (as of March 2022) will be automatically covered in the program, and badges and levels will be assigned according to the contributions so far. Please note, your current rank will be adjusted to the new structure, and you won't have to start fresh. However, you will see some notifications piled up in your notification feed due to the bulk assignment of badges and ranks. We regret the inconvenience caused.
  • Infineon employees, community admins, and moderators will be excluded from the new rank structure and leaderboards. Employees will have a different rewards program run internally, in the future. 
  • Any attempts to cheat the system for community rewards will not be entertained, and community team will take necessary actions towards users identified to be cheating.
  • Infineon community team will have the power to add, update, or remove any of the rewards criteria, as required. 
  • This rewards & recognition program is currently only for membership and contribution towards Infineon Developer Community, and not any other digital channels within Infineon ecosystem.
  • For questions and comments on the rewards & recognition program, please add your comment under this post, or write to us at community-manager@infineon.com