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Percepio Device Firmware Monitor (DFM) wins Best in Show at Embedded World

Our friends over at Percepio just won a Best in Show award at Embedded World in Germany. Device Firmware Monitor (DFM) was the winner in the Development Tools category.

Percepio Device Firmware Monitor, the new cloud service for software quality assurance in IoT product organizations, has been awarded Best in Show at Embedded World 2019, in the Development Tools category.DFM is an exciting new cloud service for IoT firmware developers, providing awareness of firmware issues in deployed devices and speeding up resolution. DFM notifies firmware developers within seconds after an error has been detected and provides diagnostic information about the issue via the cloud, including a software trace that visualizes what was going on in the firmware when the error occurred. This makes it far easier to understand the problem, find a solution, and quickly dispatch an over-the-air (OTA) update to correct the problem. DFM integrates Percepio's leading analysis tool Tracealyzer, with AWS IoT connectivity.Percepio Best in Show Diploma

Most embedded software is shipped with defects remaining in the code. On average, 5 percent of all bugs introduced during development elude verification efforts and make their way to customers. The IoT trend brings OTA updates as a potential remedy, but developers can't fix bugs they are not aware of. Automatic feedback is needed. Percepio DFM is a ground-breaking new approach, providing awareness and diagnostics that allow IoT developers to leverage the full potential of OTA updates to continuously improve their firmware and customer experience.

Congratulations to Johan, Mike and the rest of the Percepio team! We think DFM is an exciting new product and, pretty soon, we hope to test it out with PSoC 6 and our connectivity devices.