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Community Updates: Easy to search and ask your questions

Community release dated 19th April, 2022. 

It's now easier to search, or to ask questions!

We understand the main reasons for you to be a part of this community is to find answers to solve your technical challenges, and primarily our search functionality helps you with that. In case you don't find a relevant resource, you can always ask your question as well!

With that in mind, we have made some changes to make sure both these actions are easily accessible to you, from any page of our community.  You will now see our search bar, and 'Ask the Community' button always on top of each page. 

search and ask.png


A few more minor updates

You may have also noticed that we have renamed 'Ask a question' button to 'Ask the Community' to reflect the idea that it is our community members, who in fact help each other; and to re-assure there is a large group of experts including Infineon engineers to support you. 

Finally, we have increased the sizes of the badges you earned a bit, that you see in the community feed section, so they are more identifiable. 

We are working on more exciting changes; and meanwhile if you have any feedback or recommendations on the above mentioned improvements, please comment below




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