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Community Updates: Blog page relaunch

Dear community members,

Infineon Developer Community hosts a wide variety of information for you in various formats (discussions, blogs, knowledge base articles etc.), and we have recently made some changes to the blogs section, making it easy for your consumption. 


Easy access to blogs

Our blogs used to be  listed under the 'General' menu in the navigation options. With the recent update, we have made  'Blogs' a top menu item that anybody can easily notice, and start exploring right away!


All-new blogs landing page

We brought a new look and feel to the blogs section, which starts with a rolling banner on top that features the blogs that we recommend you explore. Below the banner, you can view all the blogs, sorted latest to the oldest. Use the filters on top to quickly change your view to most viewed, or most liked blogs as well. 

The 'card' style snapshot of the blogs give you an overview of what subject they are about, general topics (labels) associated, and the author information along with the date of publishing. Click on the existing labels (blue text inside the cards) to see all blogs related to that topic. Additionally the search bar on top will help you find blogs easily based on your keywords. 


Screenshot: Blogs landing page

What's next?

In the coming weeks and months, we will be bringing more updates such as additional filter options to view blogs only from your areas of interest, and an estimated reading time on each blog for you to decide which ones to pick first. 


Have a suggestion or feedback on these changes? Let us know in the comments below!