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Any cloud SDK

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This space is dedicated to all the Wi-Fi developers doing amazing designs with our PSoC 6 MCU and 43xx Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo devices. Welcome!

Back in January we announced Wi-Fi Support added to PSoC 6 SDK  and people really enjoyed using that first set of libraries. We are expanding the available features and building a whole new Wi-Fi solution - AnyCloud. For release 1.0, AnyCloud provides great new features, such as the Wi-Fi Connection Manager (WCM), a Secure Socket layer (pre-integrated with Mbed TLS), and support for the MQTT protocol.

As always, we also have a focused set of code examples that show you how to do the tricky things - like MQTT-based client applications or building an Over-The-Air (OTA) software update mechanism. This is because AnyCloud embraces the "design it your way" mantra of ModusToolbox. It does not tie you to a specific cloud management solution or dictate which cloud you use. If you have a private cloud, if you use custom onboarding and updating methods, or if you need to understand deeply and clearly exactly how your application works, then AnyCloud is the solution for you.

So, what is actually in AnyCloud? As shown in the following diagram, AnyCloud leverages the rich set of software we have built for PSoC 6 MCU (green) and complements that with the wireless libraries (yellow). This is the software "stack" but don't forget about our labor-saving ModusToolbox configurators, project-creator and library-manager tools, which will help you make unique and exciting connected applications in no time.


Want to get started? Easy...

  1. Download and install the tools - ModusToolbox 2.1 for Windows, macOS​ or Linux
  2. Read the Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox Quick Start Guide then create and play with a few AnyCloud examples. I recommend these:
  3. Buy a Wi-Fi enabled kit and start extending the examples to do new things. I recommend:
  4. To go beyond the Eclipse IDE, read the ModusToolbox User Guide to learn about additional GUI and command line tools, and ways to use ModusToolbox with other IDEs. Then, decide how YOU want to do amazing things!

We hope you enjoy AnyCloud - please ask any questions, and let us know how you get on, here in the community.


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