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PSoC™ 6
Hi All I have designed a circuit using a CYBLE 416045-02 module but when I tested my fabricated board,  it did not respond to Bluetooth, I tried to te... Show More
Class D Audio Amplifier IC
Dear All members we are making the 1000+1000w , 2 CHANNEL CLASS S AMplifier to run speckaer of 4ohm load. This is running ok,,,we are stuck one point ... Show More


  Is the EDSADC_SGNA input signal carrier signal or a pulse signal of the same frequency?

Hello,  I'm trying to do some performance measurements on functions and I'm getting results that I cannot explain. Most likely I am overlooking someth... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hello all, I have created the project using the CYBLE 416045-2 where the ADC continuously samples data and as soon as 240 bytes of data is acquired it... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
I am working on a project for array readout. I am using CY8CKIT-059. There are 8 analog inputs that I have to read  sequentially using the ADC and AMU... Show More
AURIX™ Development Studio
Hello Infineon: before, ADS V1.5 is my building and debug tool,  when I start debugging , ADS V1.5 only build the changed files.  But ADS V1.8 always ... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hi,  In my application, some values should be written to GPIF, then the GPIF switches to read and transfer what was read to USB. I used this example ... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hello, world! I am seeing inconsistent behavior between two identical statements while debugging an application using PSoC Creator 4.4 on the M4 (Pion... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
Where can I find the CAD files for KIT_1EDB_AUX_SIC and KIT_1EDB_AUX_GAN. Gerbers will do, source files would be great (Altium, Eagle, etc package). T... Show More