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PSoC™ 6
Hello, We have run into an issue in our project where a DMA channel stops before it has finished a transfer. Here are the configs for the DMA:In top d... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
Hi,according to the 5LP reference manual the datapath outputs are registered, but it's also possible to use the combinational signal. Unfortunately, I... Show More
When using the license key received for the UART & I2C plugins from your side. The key seems to be activated on the EB Client license administrator bu... Show More
Hi Good day.   I have a questions about single/dual bank selection on Traveo II. We are based on programming guide to implement the programming algo. ... Show More
Other Technologies General
I have to calculate the BAS16-02W reverse diode current for 10V at 25°C and 75°C. We can see from the data sheet the maximum values, see below. I sup... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hi Infineon Team, We need to conduct Pre compliance test on CYW43455 BT chip on Android 11 for which we need Hcitool. Could you provide us hcitool for... Show More
To Technical Support: I was wondering if you could provide die verification for one of your products, IRFB38N20DPBF. Upon exposing the die, the marki... Show More
PSoC™ 6
I want to write a port in parallel as I can do.I used the CY_GPIO_Port_Init function (gipoport, config); but how do I write the data ?.with PSOC 5 use... Show More
Hi, I am working on a Denebola CX3 Kit which comes with a OV5640 image sensor. I used the sample application "Cx3UvcOV5640" and flashed the board. I a... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hi, I am using CX3 based custom board, I have written my firmware image in SPI flash and my board is enumerating as a device in SPI boot mode. But ima... Show More

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