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PSoC™ 6
Hi everyone. I have the following issue. I just installed the new version of IDE Modus Toolbox in 2.4. After going through the entire installation pro... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
Hi, I would like to get the latest wl tool, documentation with description of corresponding  wl tool APIs?  There's a  https://github.com/murata-wireless/meta-murata-wireless... Show More
Hello Infineon, I'm tring a real CAN comunication test on KIT_A2G_TC397_3V3_TFT board, the receive hardware is ValueCAN3,  the KIT_A2G_TC397_3V3_TFT b... Show More
Hi, I have a project as below: - CYPD3174 work in no feeback mode. - MCU read PD contract negotiation from CYPD3174 and set voltage to ACT4751. 1. To... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi, I have designed a custom board wherein there are two Infineon IRPS5401  and two IR38063 IC over a common PMBUS. Two infineon IRPS5401 ICs are gett... Show More
Hi Teams, I'm looking for about TC375 iLLD function for MCMCAN example   I put values in baudRate sturct like below code. IfxCan_Can_BaudRate Can00_ba... Show More
Hi Teams,   I'm looking for help about MCAN iLLD for TC375   I put values to struct of canNodeConfig IfxCan_Can_BaudRate Can00_baudrate = {(uint32)500... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Hi, I'm using "CY8CKIT-145-40XX PSoC® 4000S CapSense Prototyping Kit" for evaluating CapSense capability.  It's working fine with code example "CE2107... Show More
Wi-Fi Bluetooth for Linux
  Hello Everyone, I am running android on imx7d from NXP running Bluetooth+Wifi 1MW module. I want to run a Bluetooth SPP server on the device. I have... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
hello used PSoc 4.2. i defined a uint8 XXX variable. in another file, by mistake,  this variable defined as: extern uint32 XXX; there was no warning. ... Show More

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