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PSoC™ 4
Dear supporters, I tried to use Capsense tuner on CY8CKIT-145-40xx Prototyping board with miniprog4.But, it failed to connect between the boad and the... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hi,   I'm trying to connect PSoC6 to the external SPI master through SPI. Is it possible to change the default MOSI/MISO pin mapping of PSoC6's SPI as... Show More
AIROC™ Bluetooth
I copied the code from the midi_server example over to a new MTW project and I can send Midi notes to iOS apps (Garageband, MidiWrench). However the s... Show More
For CY62187EV30, data retention should be done in the range of “Ambient Temperature with Power Applied” which is –55C to +125C. My question is whether... Show More
I have two PC's, one running Ubuntu 14.x and MacOS v12.x and, therefore in a dire search for a version of Aurix Development Studio that can run on eit... Show More
Hi. For the BSC032NE2LS, the part and footprint drawings are different between the datasheet vs the Packaging -> Package Data link off the product pag... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello, I am using the CYBT-213043-mesh-2 kit and programmed the HCI_loop_back test. I open the clientcontrol and looks like BR/EDR is disabled. I trie... Show More
Hi everyone, I really hope someone can help me… I’m using the tc397, I try to implement can communication between one node of the board (CAN0) with ex... Show More

How can I find out the export control category for part number JANTXVR2N7550T1? It is not found in Infineon's ECCN and HTS finder

AIROC™ Bluetooth
What is the expected Bluetooth Classic range between two CYBT-343026-01 modules? I am using the EZ-Serial firmware on the CYBT-343026-01 and making a ... Show More