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USB low-full-high speed peripherals
I use CY7C65213. I have questions when the driver install to system Is it possible to set the virtual COM port number when the driver install to syste... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi , All In the ABIST self-test step of TLF, why there is a step to detect the SS1/2 pin from low to low, and what is the significance of doing so. So... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Dear  Infineon:      due to  in some application we need to keep the ILO frequency , We note datesheet  describle that API can improve the ILO accurac... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hi, all       checked from previous discussion saying that "using Nor Flash with file system need to erase all before write or create a file", Is that... Show More
We are using Aurix evaluation board. Board name -> Triboard TC3x4L TH V1.0 part number of MCU -> SAK-TC364DP-64F300W Need the sample code to bring up ... Show More
Motor Control ICs
I have an EVAL-M1-101T-T038 and an EVAL-M1-IM323. I have not used any Infineon products before. I have watched several videos including How to get sta... Show More
Hi infineon team. Would it be feasible to get the step file for M3L2803R3S? It'd be super useful for modeling a concept we're working on. Thank you! Show More
Hyper RAM
I am working on a HyperRAM controller in a MACHXO3 FPGA for this device..... S27KS0642GABHI020 How is everyone handling the read cycle clock alignment... Show More
PSoC™ 4
I have been tasked with testing CY8C4245 chips against various parameters on their OEM datasheet for authenticity, those parameters which include impl... Show More