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Who rated this article

What is the high and low threshold voltage of MPS pin of TLF35584?

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The TLF35584 datasheet does not describe the electrical interface specifications for the MPS pin. It is better to consider that the threshold voltage of MPS pin is 2.2 – 3.0V.

  • Typ. threshold is at around 2.5-2.7V. Nevertheless, it is NOT tested in production. So better consider +-300mV margin. Further there is only a very narrow hysteresis, so longer voltage exposure in the described range has to be avoided. Transiently it is not a problem. The active MPS feature includes the following changes to the normal operation of the device:
    1. The INIT timer will be stopped.
    2. The contribution of the window watchdog failure counter overflow to the reset ROT will be blocked.
    3. The contribution of the functional watchdog failure counter overflow to the reset ROT will be blocked.
    4. The contribution of the error monitoring to the reset ROT will be blocked. It has not been specified, because the initial idea was that this pin/function is only used for flashing of the MCU and during that the MPS pin can be connected to QVR output (by jumper, contact-needles, or a switch).
  • It is one option to connect the MPS pin to the output QVR during microcontroller programming (this means, that MPS can/shall be connected to QVR, but it is not a must)
  • 3V3 (like QUC) was not in Focus, especially not controlled by an IO with 3V3 logic-level.
  • Nevertheless, in principle it works, because the threshold is in this area, but the problem is the specification for that and the ensured 3.0V from the 3V3 domain-based IO of the MCU.
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