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Who rated this article

PSoC™ 6 MCU with AIROC™ Bluetooth® LE stack events - KBA233928

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PSoC™ 6 MCU with AIROC™ Bluetooth® LE connectivity supports two types of events: Bluetooth® LE stack events and service-specific events.

These events are defined in cy_ble_stack.h and cy_ble_event_handler.h files. To access these files, in PSoC™ Creator, go to Generated_Source\PSoC6\PDL\Middleware\BLE. In ModusToolbox™ software, go to libs\bless. Alternatively, you can access these files at https://github.com/Infineon/bless/.

Bluetooth® LE stack events: These events are declared in cy_ble_stack.h. Events are enumerated datatype elements declared inside the enum cy_en_ble_event_t and are classified as follows:

Generic events: 0x1000 to 0x1FFF
HCI events: 0x2000 to 0x2FFF
Vendor events: 0x3000 to 0x3FFF
GAP events: 0x4000 to 0x4FFF
GATT events: 0x5000 to 0x5FFF
L2CAP events: 0x6000 to 0x6FFF
Qualification events: 0x7000 to 0x7FFF
Future use: 0x8000 to 0xFFFE 

Service-specific events:  These events are declared in cy_ble_event_handler.h. All events are declared inside the enum cy_en_ble_evt_t which starts from 0x10000. For example, CY_BLE_EVT_BLSS_INDICATION_ENABLED is an event that is specific to the Blood Pressure service, which will be triggered when Indication is enabled for the Blood Pressure Service Characteristic.


Who rated this article